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Author: J Harvey (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: January 5, 2016 8:08 AM
Version: 2.1.0
Views: 27,470
Downloads: 0
License: GPL (GNU General Public License), Version 3


Mojito™ is the new name of my old WebOS Project. Why did I rename it to Mojito™
Well in my attempts to develop the Second Edition of WebOS, I gave the SE the codename Mojito™. I was originally going to rename the WebOS System to WiMS (Website Management System), but i just loved how Mojito™ rolled off my lips, not to mention that it is one of my favorite drinks. That, and I didn't want to perpetuate the confusion with Palm's webOS operating system.
What to Expect from Mojito™

Mojito™ is being developed to use the newest standards in web development, and will be compatible with ColdFusion8 and ColdFusion9. It has an object oriented architecture, and plug-n-play expandability, permitting additional functions and 'Modules' to be developed and added to the System easily.

Mojito™will also support mobile devices and some Google APIs such as Webmaster Tools, Analytics, Adsense, Voice and Gmail will be integrated into its core. Mojito™ is being developed with e-commerce and social commerce in mind, and will be PCI Compliant for e-commerce additions (a Store Module is being developed during the Core Development Process).

Mojito™ will also be SEO-Friendly 'Off-the-Disk' and will not use .htaccess-based url rewriting.
Features Coming in Mojito™

Some of the features that I have planned to build into in Mojito™ are the following:
Multi-Site Capability : Add and Administrate multiple websites from the Mojito™ Control Panel, all running from a single code-base

Multi-Network Authentication : Beable to login to a Mojito™ powered website via Twitter, Facebook or Google Account Settings

User-Sites : Let your users build and add content to your Mojito™ powered website, creating a network of users. User's using Mojito™'s authentication system can login across all of your Mojito™-Powered Websites, and permit them to promote themselves

Content Revisions : Mojito™ will have the capabilities to restore content to a previous version

Two OpenSource Flavors: Mojito™ is available in Two OpenSource flavors, Cherry Mojito™ an ultra-lightweight minimal installation of the Mojito™ system, and Pear Mojito™ an more robust installation of the Mojito™ system.

Enterprise Flavor Available: The full-blown powerful Mojito™ System, ready and standing by for the Enterprise (License Fee will Apply)
Stay in touch with Mojito™

Mojito Project is in development, code to be posted soon.


ColdFusion 8
ColdFusion 9
ColdFusion 10

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